The  Team

Hand-picked from across the UK, we're strong, fit and mad-keen on racing. Most of us have been racing for more than a year and we're determined to take things to the next level in the coming season. You can read more about us by following the links on the right side of the page.

Our Team Manager, Steve Wright, is a British Cycling accredited coach tutor and assessor. He has an exceptional history within cycle racing, having worked for some of the most respected names in the business - both as a cycle coach and mechanic. He works tirelessly at races to keep things running smoothly for the team.

The team is going into its fourth year with some major changes in personnel.

This season we welcome back Stephania Magri and Linda Young. Joining us for this year are Alice Lethbridge, Gabriella Nordin, Mary McFadzean, Lisa Jane Leonard and (for the Team Series) Jessica Stoddart.

All of the riders are committed to helping the Team achieve some good results this year, but above all, they have got to enjoy their racing.