Sarah Maidment

Nickname: mediconabike (but no one calls me this in real life!)
Married/single/children? Single. I think I'm in love.
Where do you live? Oxford
Describe yourself in two words... Creative. Christian.

Best achievement in cycling: Winning my first race on a course which couldn't have suited me worse!
Biggest influence on your cycling career: Alastair Irvine, Stuart Hall, Rhys Lloyd, Steve Wright
Best experience on a bike: Riding in Mallorca in January. 600+ gloriously sunny miles in one week.
Worst experience on a bike: Descending the Tourmalet in May (clad in shorts, gilet and arm warmers): Snowballs thrown at us by tourists at the summit, visibility <1m, perishingly cold and wet, hands frozen to the brakes and couldn't pedal to keep warm - had to keep my speed down, as I couldn't see where I was going! The hot chocolate at the bottom just about made up for it...

Favourite place to ride: Mallorca
Favourite riders: Emma Pooley, Lizzie Armitstead, Chris Froome, Laura Trott
Best cycling invention: Several: the Brompton (it's a design classic); the speedometer (and more recently the cycling GPS system... although hesitate to say "Garmin", as I think it's a bit clunky!); knee warmers, arm warmers, gilet (more specifically, the first one I had from Shutt Velo Rapide); women's-specific cycling kit.
Hobbies outside cycling: Singing, bass guitar, piano, flute, knitting, painting, crafty stuff, blogging, scrabble, drinking tea, walks in the countryside, reading, church.

In a movie about your life who would play you? Meredith Grey (the character)
Favourite music/band/musician: The Proclaimers!
Favourite food: Apple and Raspberry Crumble with ice cream
Favourite films: Notting Hill, Sliding Doors, Devil wears Prada, Fast Girls,
Favourite TV programme: Grey's Anatomy
Favourite comedian: Miranda

Tell us a secret you have told no-one else: I often work on my bike whilst still in my pyjamas!